4 Interior Design Tips for a Californian Bungalow

According to Richard Armstrong, the director of The Makeover Group in Melbourne, the best way to renovate a Californian bungalow is to stick with the time and era it represents. Evolving the style of the bungalow or making structural changes simply ruins the whole look of the bungalow. Californian bungalows became popular in Australia during the early 20th century, particularly …

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Older Homes: Remodeling considerations

Older Homes

Do you own an older home, that requires repairs? Maybe you are anticipating finally fixing up that kitchen that has needed a remodel for the past ten years. Or, maybe you are deciding to replace your roof since your shingles have become stained and need repaired. There are many different reasons why we might remodel our homes. For some, remodeling …

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Tips on How to Decorate a Rental

Tips on How to Decorate a Rental

Living in a rented space can be problematic when it comes to decoration, as you will not have as much as freedom as you would want to. But, that does not mean that you cannot go about decorating your home so that you and your family feel great in it. You will have to rely heavily on creativity though, so …

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